i am in love with the Champion of Heaven.

forever an old skl child inside, simply a peter pan wannabe.

im funny hehe.

aww its raining. i would love some starbucks hazelnut hot chocolate and a goodman book to read right now. i miss reading, i just dont have any interesting books and finding books is even more exhausting. eh

thankful that i have a late start. I decided to get ready early so now I can watch doctor who and have dinner for breakfast. then, I shall be productive with some goodman ucas work. I decided I wanna touch my personal statement again, plus I would like to finalise my uni choices. I dont wanna leave the house til im happy with my morning hehe.

gonna start reading the bible more. i dont only wanna read it for my devo, but i have random times in the day when I’ve completed my daily tasks and I just procrastinate on this phone. instead, i should expand mi knowledge of le bible. lately, I’ve been loving James. I see it becoming a favourite after Proverbs.

i think the best way to surprise someone is by sending them an unexpected text simply showing them you care. i love sending a mini paragraph to someone, especially as a way of being there for them when they seem sad. simply encouraging them and making them feel good, i think everyone should do that. hehe its nice

God is funny. I cried because I simply didn’t know what to do. He is too quiet when im so lost. I decided to remain calm, I continued with my prayer, started me journal and that one verse was the answer. ayyy John 6:35! I know what to do fam! When I got to the applications bit of my journal, I had to laugh coz I knew what He did. I stopped and I was like “ayyyy I see what you did there!!!!”. My God is good oo, thank youu!

feeling like i lack in many things in life which breaks my heart but yeah, the Lord will provide.


I tend to over think a lot at home. Times like these I just need a hug.


i hate this feeling.

when your make up is on point but not enough people have seen you, so you can’t show off. ://